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I started photography when I finally found a way to show my passion for music in a tangible way, and I've been in love with it since. I've covered countless shows and events, and aim to capture artists, their fans, and the energy they create together. I produce high quality photography and artistic images of concerts, artist portraits, behind the scenes, promo and more.


Over the years I've learned to use photography in different ways and I'm forever grateful for the people and places I've gotten to photograph. As a lifestyle photographer, I specialize in creating authentic portraits out of any occasion or event in one's life. From couple to family portraits, newborn photos, graduations + more, I want to capture the beauty of life's moments and connections.


Currently based in Southern California, I've grown to apply photography to different parts of my life and hope to be able to continue doing what I love. I enjoy making photos people love, let's work together!


Feel free to message me to connect, or have any comments or questions about my work! 





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